“Do something,” Jasper Johns admonished artists. Take a dream or a flag or a color and “do something to that,” Johns said, again and again. So artists get ideas from the world around them, from experience and memory. And even from other artists. A visual work of art can inspire a writer, for instance. Using visual works of art as springboards for writing is the focus of this exciting exhibition.

“This exchange between artists and writers is ancient,” said curator Pamela Hart. “The Greeks started it all and named it ‘ekphrasis’ or a verbal representation of a visual work of art.”

What started out as a wild group exhibition including Big Daddy Roth, Christo, Saul Steinberg, Sailor Jerry, and A.R. Penck has evolved into an event that encompasses writers who will use art by these and others as a starting point for works of creative writing.

‘ekphrasis’ will feature both text and art. Novelists, non-fiction writers and poets will be responding to the eclectic collection of art in this exhibition. In addition there will be a reading. The text will be displayed in silk-screened broadsides created by master printer Gary Lichtenstein on the walls of the exhibition space alongside the art.

Curator Pamela Hart is writer in residence at the Katonah Museum of Art. She also teaches writing in Long Island University’s graduate School of Education. Her poetry has been published widely and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her chapbook, The End of the Body,was published by Toadlily Press in 2006. She has an MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College.

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Saul Steinberg  Walt Disney  Pablo Picasso  Alex Katz  Robert Motherwell  Leroy Neiman  Sailor Jerry  A. R. Penck  Tom Christopher Gary Lichtenstein  Toby Rosser  Joseph Stefanelli  Mike Cockrill  Big Daddy Roth  Ottmar Höerl  Christo  James Litaker  Stanford Kay  Richard Osaka  Friz Freleng  Dainty Dotty  Jet lll  Salvatore Rosillo  Fred Darge  Gerry Haggerty  FA-Q  Shinkura  Reginald Marsh  Doug McQueen  Christian Lemesle  Rockwell Kent  Andy Hammerstein  Gil Riley  Mark Nilsson  Nick Greenwald  Jiwoo Hahn  Daddy  Auguste Rodin  Scott Daniel Ellison  Ken Price  Michael De Feo  Robert Cottingham  Karl Benjamin  Jim Felice  Hunt Slonem  Michael Assiff  John Aaron Frank  Scott Goodman  Joanne Greenbaum