Virtual Reality Project at the Montefiore Medical Center along with the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan

Park High School kids on The Roseland Mural at 53rd and Broadway

The Working Men and Women of Puerto Rico Murals in Old San Juan

Escuela de Artes Plasticas

LIFT TRUCKS has mentored young artists from Times Square and The Bronx to San Juan, Puerto Rico. We feel it’s an artist’s obligation to show the different pathways available to the younger artists. Being an artist doesn’t mean you have to stand in front of the easel like Van Gogh. Everything in our society has been touched by the artist’s hand. Automotive design, fashion apparel, Hollywood sets, product packaging, even the skyscrapers were imagined by artists. Our mission is to assist the youth, helping them understand how their vision could change our world. We’d rather see the younger generation working inspirationally within the many fields of art rather than slogging their youth away at Starbucks or Home Depot. We want to foster the talents of that inattentive child doodling on their homework, drawing race cars or Anime characters, by telling them they have a gift which has great importance for our society. They shouldn’t feel obligated to misery by avoiding their passion.

We have made a difference! Many of the kids we’ve mentored in Puerto Rico have found FEMA assistance and scholarships to great schools in the USA.

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