CROTON FALLS, NY — Up to 20 up-and-coming artists observed over a significant period by independent curator Kara Lenkeit will be exhibiting at Lift Trucks Project in the Northern Westchester town of Croton Falls beginning June 12th. Figurative and abstract works, wide-ranging and experimental in their approach to drawing and painting, installation and sculpture, will be on display. Watercolors, pencil line drawings, site-specific conceptual pieces, geometrics, and Neolithic nudes will be included. Featured artists include Scott Daniel Ellison, Nick Greenwald, Scott Goodman, Daddy, Ellen Guhin, Christopher Manning, Mark Nilsson, Gil Riley, and Milton Stevenson, among others.

Though visual art is just that- visual- the work in Cause and Affection delves deeper, and has conceptual-as well as-visual themes relating to ideas of anxiety (fear), approbativeness (an inordinate desire for applause and adulation), passion, love and cautiousness. “Passion and anxiety pretty much make the world go ’round, in my opinion” explains Lenkeit. “Visual art and art theory have been essential in my attempts to understand the world…it’s a gut reaction, I’ve just been looking at a ton of art lately and trying to show what I have “internal reactions” to, i.e. a “butterflies in the stomach” feeling. “What I personally feel is best” said curator Lenkeit.

“Some of the most eclectic young emerging artists are exhibiting together for this show, and a number of them are likely to create quite a stir on the New York gallery scene over the next decade,” said Danielle Arps of Lift Trucks. “Viewers can expect to get a ground-floor look at the shape of things to come; it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if one or more of these artists become renowned for some of their signature pieces”. The show will run through September 12th.

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