Tom Berg

Tom Berg

Tom Berg was an English tattooist who came to the United States at the turn of the century. He is known to have tattooed in San Francisco where he worked doing hand and electric tattooing. As with many tattooists of that era, Berg offered designs, stencils and color for sale. His shop was in one…

The Greatful Crane

Cranes are common symbols and themes in the folklore of East Asia, including Japan. The Grateful Crane or the Crane Wife is a particularly well-known tale in Japan, see the resources below:“The Grateful Crane” (Japanese fairy tale) Thomas Berg, circa 1910 (Detail) Cranes are an important motif in Chinese mythology. There are various myths involving…

The Tiger Roars

Pen and watercolor on paper, circa 1908 by Thomas Berg, tattoo artist. An Englishman and great draughtsman, he learned by copying master drawings at The Victoria and Albert and The Natural History Museum on Cromwell Road in London. Moved to San Francisco’s Barbary Coast where he worked for many years.