Captain Jack Howard

Captain Jack Howard

Capt. Jack Howard (1870 – 1921) settled on Barbary Coast in San Francisco after traveling with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Note drawings of Buffalo Bill Cody on the top of this sheet and the images of Annie Oakley on the left side near the bottom..

Bizness is Good

Out of place like a land-bound ghost in the fog, yellow street lights, the low growl of the trolley underground electric hum. Another low hummed transformer buzz from the Jesus Saves sign at the mission, snap up your collar, quicken your pace. I can see it all coming back dream-like now, one more for the…

More Captain Jack Howard

Just in to Lift Trucks: A tattooists interpretation of the Italian Renaissance. Note Christ tempted by the babe in the rose (bottom right.) Captain Jack Howard, Barbary Coast, San Francisco, ink and watercolor in heavy paper, 22″ by 29″, c 1920’s. And just for fun, the sheet as a blueprint. The Barbary Coast was a…