Tom Christopher, founder, is a classically trained artist who started out in Los Angeles working for Disney and Motor Trend Magazine. He then moved to New York to work as a courtroom artist covering trials for CBS News. All the while painting and exhibiting in the East Village huge canvasses of hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and other tools. One day, as he describes it, he had an epiphany of sorts and became obsessed with painting street scenes of New York. These paintings reflect the journalistic immediacy of his earlier training coupled with a wild paint application influenced by the Fauves and Der Blau Rider schools of art.

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Stephanie Held is a recent FIT graduate, and she is assisting Tom Christopher Studio with their virtual reality project. She uses her experience and eye for digital and traditional art to create breathtaking 4-D art.

Pamela Hart, who curated the Lift Trucks Project exhibition Ekphrasis: Word & Image, is writer in residence at the Katonah Museum of Art. She was an inaugural poetry fellow at the SUNY Purchase College Writers Center.  Her book,The End of the Body, was published in 2006, and her poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Patrick Denny is the Editor in Chief of Insecurity Ragazine and co-founder of Tanata Productions LLC. Patrick’s past projects include  Tom and Francie (film),  American Scream and Debtor’s Shoes (stage), Not Immediately a Parent (book). As one of the founding members of Uneven Distribution, Patrick has written and produced several short films culminating in the Orphaned Picture Show Film Festival in New York City.

Scott Everett, a John Jay graduate, is Lift Truck’s digital pioneer. Highly skilled with computers, he also excels at menial tasks like sweeping and hanging pictures.

Danielle Arp, Toby Rosser, and Kara Leinkiet