Put that piece of crap down

The end table or candlestand you are holding from Ikea or Bed Bath and Beyond (beyond what…  shame?) drop it now, walk out of the store. You don’t need this crap in your house. The stuff is made in China or somewhere and will end up in the trash bin in a year. If it lasts a year.

What you really want to do is buy vintage made in USA stuff. Then at home, figure out the surface; if you want to paint it or soften it by rubbing laquer thinner, shellack it or best of all, leave it like it just the way it is. Trust me it will add to your house, your sense of history ,where you belong in the world and will serve to celebrate the last century where Americans manufactured and made some very cool stuff. Point this out to your friends whose homes are full of shoddy Chinese made crumbling already rot. Make friends realize what dolts they are for buying stuff in these stupid big box stores with bogus “heritage” lines of furniture. Bombay store is a good example, From the wrong end of a telescope it looks ok. Then check it out up close and the awful workmanship comes through. We went to a party -big mistake-where the hostess who dramatically appeared coming cdown the stairs 1/2 hour late, walked into her room where a hired decorator put together an English Manor look. all new bogus aged trappings of abolute rubbish. Even fake books which can be cool as they save you the time reading but make you look smart. concept good. But at least get real old books which are sold by the yard sometimes.