A Bronx Street corner in VR

Partnering with FIT Summer Intern Program


Jodi Moise, Curator The Montefiore Fine Art Program and Collection
Olivia Davis, Project Manager and Assistant Curator, The Montefiore Fine Art Program
David Beach, Associate Professor of Architecture, Drury University
Alaa AlRadwan, Architect and Co-Founder, ToGo Creations
Jessica Snyder, Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center and Co-Founder, ToGo Creations
Patrick Denny, Media Specialist
Thomas Mcmanus, Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology
Joel Werring, Chair, Fine Arts Department, Fashion Institute of Technology
James Pearce, Technology Head, Fashion Institute of Technology
Joseph Irizarry, Stephanie Held, Pilot Internship Program, Fashion Institute of Technology
Tom Christopher, Painter

Alternative Space and Drive-By Gallery