When I was young my Mother managed the restaurant Nites in the Greyhound Bus Station, this was a time almost all still traveled by bus, so very busy, everyone dressed up to travel then and many soldiers n sailors in uniform traveling here and there…not low class like now..well she was quite busy when the buses were in and she had a small safe spot she could kind of watch me, sitting on the bottom shelf of the large old wooden magazine rack,….when I would look up at the underside of those shelves such a collection of chewed chewing gum you would not believe that always fascinated me …I was supposed to be looking at comic books… BUT I loved the covers of the magazines = For Men Only …they were pretty harmless in those days exotic girls in skimpy torn clothing being rescued by Soldiers n Sailors…usually out in the Pacific…I remember well this particular cover…when older I joined the Diesel Submarine Force, Merchant Marines, and married A China Girl just like I had seen on the covers of these old mags….photography and art are indeed mighty powerful things.