Ashton Taylor (?-?) – We have been told this drawing is by Ashton Taylor. “Okay,” we said. It’s a great dragon and has all the hallmarks of tattoo flash. And why do we like English artists in the tattoo world? 

From the book, “Tattoo, Secrets of a Strange Art“, as practiced among the Natives of the United States , the author Albert Parry cites many British tattoo examples, “…rather frequently because of the natural proximity of the motives and historical development to those of American tattooing.”  The themes, many designs and the men themselves originate from Great Britain.

These guys could really draw. Classically trained, they would study at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum in London. They also assimilated Japanese design elements.  Many immigrated to America carrying the designs with them. As a group they were a great influence on the American tattoo scene.

From Paul at Rambo Tattoo Museum, UK:

“The dragon art design you mention was from chris wrebluskey the author of many tattoo books including skin shows etc. It came from an old tattoo art sketch book I bought of him some years back he said it was ashton taylors
It was one of three loose sheets in the book it was on display in my museum for the last 20 years before I traded it.”

Ashton Taylor piece came from this distinguished museum in London.   And a photo of this gent was tucked inside the frame. Speculation was that it might be a photo was of Ashton Taylor. Logic tells us otherwise. We think a long time ago, someone got hold of the frame and switched out the society swell for the dragon drawing. Dude looks way to mainstream comfy. Also, tattoo artists would not have the means nor inclination to wear Savile Row handmade suits.