Lift Trucks is thrilled to present the upcoming exhibition, “Paris’s Surrealist” featuring the abstract paintings of Christian Lemesle. Born on July 10, 1932, in Paris, Lemesle was a renowned painter and collage artist whose abstract work was deeply influenced by Surrealism. Navigating the vibrant art scene of the 1950s, his unique approach to abstraction garnered recognition, leading to exhibitions at the Salon de Mai in Paris in 1961.

In the midst of acclaim for towering figures like Picasso, Lemesle forged his unique path, drawing inspiration from Surrealism and sculpting a body of work that stands as a reverent homage to his artistic vision. Notably, Lemesle was the second husband of the esteemed Haitian painter, Luce Turnier, a union that undoubtedly enriched the artistic landscape of both partners.

Acknowledged for his artistic prowess, Lemesle was awarded the prestigious Prix Fénéon in 1960, showcasing his enduring influence. “Paris’s Surrealist” promises to be a captivating exploration of Lemesle’s abstract expressions, inviting patrons to delve into the interplay of form and surreal influences that define his distinctive artistic vision. Join us on January 6th at Lift Trucks as we unveil Christian Lemesle’s abstract masterpieces and celebrate the legacy of this influential artist who, despite living in the shadows of giants, emerged as a luminary in his own right.